Saturday, 3 March 2012

By the banks of Babai

Gharials basking on the banks of Babai River
Nepal is a fantabulous country – the landscapes are fantastic and the flora and fauna are fabulous!

You will be surprised to see endangered animals while passing through the main highway of the country. If you are travelling in the Nepalgunj – Chisapani part of the Western Nepal through the East West Highway, you must stop your car/vehicle to witness a sure shot sight of endangered reptiles at the Babai River.

The river boasts of clear water with lots of freshwater fishes. And if it is a sunny day, the endangered gharials – crocodiles with pots on their snouts and mugger crocodiles can be seen basking on the sun. If you look carefully, you will also be able to see huge tortoises.

You are not allowed to stop your vehicle on the bridge, but you can park your motor on either side of the bridge and spend sometime watching the natural beauties basking in the sun. If you travel westwards from Nepalgunj, in two hours time you will reach the river.

There are only few hundred gharials in the world and Nepal has a population of around 91 gharials still living in the frehwaters of Koshi, Narayani, Rapti, Karnali and Babai rivers. Next time, if you are in Western Nepal, don’t miss a chance to watch these beautiful creatures in natural setting – and not in the zoos!