Friday, 31 January 2014

The 5 senses and 3 Ds of drinking


It’s good Friday and many of you must be thinking of joining your friends for a drink. For me, whenever I join a new group of friends, I ask them two questions.

The first question goes like this.

"Do you know why we clink the glasses before drinking?"   

I get many responses but I have never had the right answer. By right answer, I mean to say the answer that I want.

By the way, do you know why?

If not, here is the answer. It’s quite simple.

We have five sensory organs: the skin, the eyes, the nose, the tongue and the ears. While drinking, the drinker touches the glass with skin (hand), sees the drink with eyes, smells the drink with nose and tastes with tongue. But the ears, they are not used at all. So to arouse all the five senses at a time, the drinkers clink the glasses together and the ears also get a chance to involve in the celebration. And when all the senses are involved, you enjoy to the hilt!

Taking cue from this, the marketers have come up with the sensory branding.

Now, the second question.

"Do you know the formula of safe drinking?" So that, whatever you drink, whenever you drink and how much you drink, you never get drunk . And you never have hangover the next day.

Before anybody replies, I have the answer ready.

“It’s 3 Ds.”

The first D is duration. Take your time while drinking. Never go for a binge drinking.

The second D is dilution. Make sure to mix ample water to the drink. However, if you are a connoisseur, drink it neat but drink water in between. It saves you from dehydration.

The third and final D is diet. Don’t drink like a drunkard, just for the sake of drinking. Take fruits, salad and other tid bits while drinking. It again minimises the effect of alcohol.

So, next time you start drinking, think of the 5 senses and remember the 3 Ds.


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