Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Drink your way to a healthy life

Is every Friday a good Friday for you? If not, try celebrating your weekends with some alcoholic drinks, but yes, drink responsibly.

So, are you a whiskey fan? Worry not, scientists at Australia’s Monash University found that a shot of whiskey a day could have the same health benefits as the recommended daily intake of vitamin C.

If you like brandy, you have reasons to smile. Scientists at Bordeaux University showed that a moderate daily dose of Armagnac (Brandy) could lengthen life. This has been proven amongst
French people who eat high levels of saturated fat and smoke daily.

Of course beer has more to offer. A pint of beer will supply about 5% of your daily protein needs, whereas wine has none. It has absolutely no cholesterol or fat and useful quantities of soluble fibre. 

For gin lovers let me share that it is based on juniper berries which have diuretic properties which helps with problems relating to the body retaining water.

If you like wine then of course your choice is good. Red wine has polyphenols which protect the lining of the heart’s blood vessels. White wine can help control tooth decay and sore throats through controlling the bacteria levels in the throat.

Do you want to hear more? I have some more good news for beer drinkers. A bottle of beer has less calories than cocktails like Margarita and Pina Colada. Spirits, wine, cider, and beer  are healthier compared to the cocktails.

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